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What is the worst thing you can do to someone who says they love you?

What you touch you don't feel     Do not know what you steal     Destroy everything you touch today     Please destroy me this way      

Betray their trust.

I always understood this but somehow it seems more immediate, more real tonight. I don't know why. Maybe the denial of self indulgence leads to a moment of clarity. Of course, the devil says that what love there may have been is long gone, what remains is duty and obligation and resignation; all of which are the antithesis of love, and in the absence of love, is there a trust to betray? And it never went anywhere (tonight) so no harm no foul; and you can always lie about it anyway and who's to know, notwithstanding your congenital inability to pass bullshit as filet mignon, and in the meantime there's blandishments via cell phone and on and on it goes ....