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oofah. the 2010 xanax tour of Florida

Brought to you by Bud Light Golden Wheat: The beer for drinking and driving at high rates of speed through Cow Country.

XX: depression, alcoholism, self pity, martyr complex, delusional thought processes.
XY: Lifelong irresponsibility, sociopath, probable Asbergers, incipient Alzheimers.

I am so glad I contributed to the gene pool. You can thank me later in the event I hit the Mendelian lottery; otherwise eat it - I did no worse than anyone else.
Now you ask your babies: Why? why? why? Why?    And if you cant decide    you will do either weep or moan    your wasting in a moments to    anyway you want it to    ohh, but you could have had    turn it into broken wood    taking off a Saturday    i'm gonna fan a parasol    i am fairer than a clown, oh no    maybe there were two again    and if it ever was at all    i'm taking you up as an offer, Up as an Offer.    
You know that if I am gone tomorrow it will be my last best gift to the world at large.